I have dedicated over a decade of my adult life to the protection and service of the public and assets for corporations as well as another five years to researching this field of study. As a law enforcement officer, I spent seven years often mitigating life and death crises with seconds to make a decision. These incidents taught me leadership, confidence in decision-making, and compassion. Law enforcement exposed many to many different people and allowed to me to increase my communication skills by experiencing real-life crises from people with all different backgrounds and attempting to mitigate them. I’ve conducted numerous security and safety assessments of both residential and commercial structures. For the last seventeen months, I have been in college where I’ve chosen to heavily research on my own time manipulating adversary behavior to mitigate risk and corporate security giving a firm a distinct competitive edge through risk frameworks.

What makes me unique in the security industry is my creativity, passion, and will. I truly was made for protection, and finding a conduit to fulfilling this need is where I’m at. I live by honor, integrity, honesty, and loyalty because those are the foundations I built myself on. I take pride in what I do and give a lot to my work. I bring a two-part mindset to the table; design and management, both of which I’m unique and passionate at.

  • Matthew Day