Growing up in Central Florida gave me a different outlook on life. I grew up in a small town that was somewhat rural but not far from a large metropolitan area. The simple life taught me how to work with my hands, and appreciate the finer things in life. The son of divorcees with one parent being at one time a skillful local politician and the other being a hardworking loving mother taught me respect for the working the working class and compassion for people who struggled.

There wasn’t a lot of racial diversity where I grew up but there was political and ideological diversity with the county being almost split between liberal and conservative. After September 11th, 2001 I entered the Police Academy, unfortunately, back then 19-year old’s were a rare breed in law enforcement so security was my best option.

I started working Loss Prevention for Sports Authority until they cleaned out almost their entire Loss Prevention Department. Next, was Dillards Department Store until I could find something better. Then along came one of the best Loss Prevention companies I’ve ever seen and that was Bass Pro Shops. They ran a tight ship, this was 2004 and even though their organizational process may have been in need a little restructuring, they ran a great loss prevention program where security was high on the store’s priority.

In 2005, Brevard County Sheriff’s Office came calling after years of applying to police departments and sheriffs departments where I worked until 2012. There I made it my mission to study the 4th Amendment and grasp all the knowledge I could about case law to further my strategy for investigational work. I also gained an unprecedented amount of life experience. That job taught me things I did not know about myself, how I would react under duress, during extremely stressful, life and death situations, and what it felt like to save another human being. I also gained an abundance of knowledge on security countermeasures and how criminals manipulate them to penetrate secure locations. I’ve seen almost every possible way someone can enter a “secure” building. However, one of the greatest things being a police officer taught me was communication and being able to successfully communicate with people from all walks of life no matter your financial, ethnic, ideology, political, race, or religious background.