Professional Summary

I am a passionate security professional with ten (10) years of working experience in the field of mitigating risk. I will have a B.A. in Security Management with a minor in Business Administration. I am seeking a challenging career which affords me the opportunities to use my passion & strengths like critical thinking, creativity, & problem-solving to not only lessen a firm’s risk but also give the company an edge.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Security Management | Minor: Business Administration
  • American Military University, Charles Town, WV

Relevant Experience

  • Communication and Conflict Management
    • Strong interpersonal skills that allow me to be influential as well as motivational.
    • Training in tactical, strategical, and de-escalation communication techniques.
    • Proven history and ability to connect & communicate with people at all levels and backgrounds.
    • Proven ability to communicate with diverse personalities. From cultural to personality dimensions.
    • Professional Advanced training in “Verbal Judo”, the gentle art of Persuasion for tactical communications.
    • Have been involved in well over 1,000 high-risk incidents where communication was needed.
    • Used my communication abilities to de-escalate a situation of an armed female who was suicidal and wanted me to kill her in front of her fourteen-year-old son.
    • De-escalated thousands of real-time, high-risk conflicts throughout my career using communication.
    • Two published articles which topics including communications with a reach to over a half-million people.
  • Strategic Risk Assessments
    • Performed security surveys of residential and commercial structures, pushing to mitigate the risk.
    • Worked with stakeholders to identify threats & vulnerabilities to lower the risk of adverse events.
    • Educated & trained community members on how to lower the risk of adverse events.
    • Actual real-life crisis and conflict management experience in high-stress environments.
    • Designed and implemented security programs at Bass Pro to lower risk of loss events.
    • Every call I went to as a Deputy Sheriff, threats & vulnerabilities needed to be identified, risk needed to be quantified, and contingency plans made, all within minutes with minimal data.
  • Security Management
    • Proven problem-solver in stressful times; received the Commendable Service Award in 2008.
    • Helped start a new management style at Bass Pro which led to a rise in productivity.
    • Led deputies and civilians, during hundreds of high-stress situations as a first responder.
    • Doubled the internal investigations by hard work and leadership at Bass Pro Shops.
    • Assisted with training on several topics with Deputy Trainee’s, including risk and leadership.
    • Two articles published in a magazine referencing strategic leadership and strategy in general.
  • Emergency and Incident Management
    • Initially organized multiple of emergency response team efforts.
    • Medically trained as well as aiding in dozens of traumas, CPR, gunshots, stabbings, and more.
    • Advanced training in emergency management, critical infrastructure, and other critical topics.
  • Research
    • Hundreds of hours of research on communication and human social interactions in group settings.
    • Advanced CPTED research and experience that has led to multiple theories of Site Security Design.
    • Advanced research on social psychology topics, mainly group interactions and the theories involved.
    • Criminal psychology and economic theories and their application to security design.
    • Corporate espionage, industrial and economic, as a national security threat.


  • 3.98 Major GPA
  • Alpha Phi Sigma and Golden Key International Honor Societies
  • Dean’s List Throughout College
  • Commendable Service Award (BCSO)



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